General Donation

These children come from very poor families. They live below the poverty line (they live on less than a dollar daily). The lives of these children can be enhanced by the school providing water, food, good education and shelter. We rely on donations from our volunteers so please give generously. All payments are ‘one-off’ unless you wish to have ‘reoccurring’ if this is the case then please contact us.

**If you wish to Sponsor a child please use this page**

Please note PayPal will convert dollars into GPB (£) and any other currency on completion of donation. 

Should you encounter any issues with the donations then please contact us.



Personal Info

Donation Total: £15.00

Donate used items

Those items which might no longer be of use to you e.g. laptops or tablets can be of great help to  the teachers (administrative staffs to teach the children) and providing interactivity in lessons.

Our mailing address is:

P.O BOX 9592-20100

You can donate educational supplies e.g. dictionaries encyclopaedias and textbooks (primary mathematics, science, English, social studies, history geography and health education).

You can also donate calculators, notebooks, rulers, pencils, crayons, English alphabet cards, wall charts etc.

Monetary donations

You are welcome to donate towards food, clothing, education and materials as well as project funding. Please do this by using the form above.


Clothing for children ages 3-10 years all types of clothes from jackets to underwear.

Sports Equipment

Football / soccer balls, pumps, skipping ropes etc.

Medical Equipment

Bandages, pain relievers, anti-diarrhoea medicine anti-itch cream, antibiotics ointments, bars of soap and multi vitamins.